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ABA Therapy Step by step


Initial conversation of 1 hour

This first phase is done by video conference.

In it, the specialist interviews the family to assess current demands and learn more about the case, as well as the child's history. In this conversation, the family also removes all doubts regarding the operation of the ABA intervention and all administrative doubts with the administrative responsible.



The visit is scheduled for the Evaluation of Behavioral and Developmental Repertoire.


At the time of this assessment, the child's daily environment, such as home and school, is also observed.


IEP Development
(Individualized Education Plan)

After the Assessment, the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is set up, according to the individual needs of each student. This Plan is composed of all the short-term and long-term objectives and strategies that we will use to develop the necessary skills. This IEP is shared from the initial training.


Return meeting

A feedback meeting of the Assessment is scheduled, in which details are given and the Assessment Report is delivered. The Clinic's IEP is presented.


Start of Assistance and Supervision

Thereafter, the supervision and application of the programs can be started according to the workload indicated by specialists.


Initial Training

The initial training is carried out so that the family is prepared for the beginning of the intervention, the IEP is fully explained and demonstrated by the supervisors and the therapists to know the specifics of the child.


ABA service routine

In a simplified way, a group is created with everyone involved, the therapists apply the programs, record all data in a system to which families have access. Supervisors do weekly supervisions that can be online and once a month in person at home. Families are involved in supervision and we update programs and IEP on an ongoing basis.

And much more!!

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